F4 Omnibus 32K Flight Controller w/ BEC & OSD & Blackbox (DSHOT1200 / 30.5x30.5mm) [08-309]


Support DHOTS 150/300/600/1200
With 32K
Input 2-4S Li-Po and Output 5V 3A BEC
Support latest betaflight_3.2.0 firmware
IC: STM32 F405
BEC: Onboard 5V/3A BEC
Operation Voltage: 5V
You can connect 2-6S battery input to VBAT but 2-4 is recommended.
You connect to 5V if you use an external BEC to power up the FC. But never connect battery input to 5V to burn the FC.
Receiver: Support PWM, SBUS, PPM, IBUS, DSM2 etc
Support Programmable LED_Strip
Support BLHELI Suite ESC Programming
Support Buzzer
With Barometer
With Current Sensor Port
With Integrated OSD (Configured via BF)
Default Firmware: betaflight_3.2.0_OMNIBUSF4SD
This board does not support BetaFlight Firmware solder than 3.2.0. Please do not try to flash an old firmware!
Size: 36*36mm
Mounting: 30.5*30.5MM (M4)
Weight: Approx 7g
Package Included

1 x Flight Controller
4 x Flight Controller Anti-Vibration Damper (M4 TO M3 Hole)
** Warning: The default firmware shipped with the board has been tested and configured by the factory in working condition (factory flashed the board with tested firmware manually via USB). You will be responsible for damage (or any part of function not working) if you flash your own firmware. So you are recommended to use the default firmware which shipped with the board. Thank you for your understanding.