HobbyWing XRotor VT1 Micro Video Transmitter 5.8G [HBW-XROTOR-30505000]

Basic Features
Input Voltage: 7-25V
Current: 70mA / 100mA / 250mW @ 12V
Output Voltage: 5V/12V Adjustable (only for powering the webcam)
Transmitting Power: 0/25mW/200mW Adjustable
Transmitting Frequency Range: 5.3GHz-5.9GHz
Transmitting Frequencies: 48 Frequencies Adjustable
Antenna Connector Type: MMCX-to-SMA (a MMCX-to-SMA wire is included in the box)

Size & Weight
Size: 36x36mm
Mounting Holes: 30.5x30.5mm
Weight: 5g

1x VTX
1x 説明書
1x Webcam ワイヤー
1x 電源ワイヤー
1x MMCX-to-SMAアンテナ

注意:※ 当商品は国外でご使用されるお客様向けに販売致しております。