iX5 V3 X Hybrid FPV Racing Frame [IF-F005651]


★1枚目画像--Cartoon Style ★2枚目画像--Skeleton Style

iX5 V3 X Hybrid FPV Racing Frame

iX5 V3 X Hybrid FPV Racing Frame is the latest version of IFlight iX5 Series Frame Kit. Bottom carbon fiber plate and arms of iX5 are combined into one complete 4mm 100% pure carbon fiber and specially designed to be Squish X Hybrid shape, which makes it strong and anti-shock. There's no need to do tedious assembling arms job anymore. Besides, the X shape helps to increase the computational efficiency of the flight control and makes flight more nimble; The super light weight design helps decreasing the weight while ensuring the iX5 is strong enough. What's more, the motor mount on the arm has been strengthening to protecting the motor from crashing.

What features make it different from the previous iX5 V2 frame?
1.Chamfered edge and slightly re-design
2.Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
3.30x30 and 20x20 stack bolt patterns
4.Squish X Hybrid design

1x iX5 V3 X Hybrid FPV Racing Frame


    Cartoon Style4,023円(税込)
    Skeleton Style4,023円(税込)