5x4.3" WinDancer 5043-3 Durable Tri-Propeller for Freestyle (GemFan / 2 Pairs / Garnet) [01-760]

This WinDancer propeller has outstanding efficiency and control, fast respond in cornering. It's great for both FPV and freestyle use.

Brand:Gemfan 5043 propeller
Size : 5*4.3 3 Blade
Material :PC
Hub Size : 5mm
Central Thickness : 7mm
Plade Dia: 13.5mm
Max Plade Width : 15.58mm
Weight : 4.63g/PCS
For motor : 2205-2306KV,2206 KV

2x WinDancer 5043 CW Propellers (ガーネット)
2x WinDancer 5043 CCW Propellers (ガーネット)