iFlight Vector 5 Inch FPV Freestyle Frame was named after and inspired by American Victor Submachine Gun. This submachine gun is widely used in the US military because of its sci-fi mechanical shape and excellent performance. We are sure that Vector frame is the same!

5mm thick split-arm design ensures flight stability. Different from most top-upper-bottom carbon plates structure frames on market, the main body of Vector is vertical double-sided plates. This kind of frame requires higher stability in structure. It will be too weak if the body is too thin; if the body is too thick the frame might be too heavy. That’s why we chose 3mm thick pure 3K carbon fiber.

It’s dismountable and error-proof inlaid between camera vertical side plates and the frame vertical side plates, which makes the frame a stable and mechanical structure. If you’re looking for a solid mechanical shape frame, Vector is a good choice.

Sci-fi mechanical shape
Lightweight design
lngenious and sufficient equipment space
Comes with Gorpo mount and top-mount battery design

Wheelbase: 225mm
Frame net weight: 119.5g
Arm thickness: 5mm
Top plate thickness: 1.5mm
Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
Cross-shape plate thickness: 2mm
Camera vertical side plate thickness: 3mm
Distance between camera vertical side plates: 28mm
Distance between body vertical side plates: 26mm
Body vertical side plate thickness: 3mm
Antenna mount plate thickness: 1.5mm
FC Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm,20*20mm
Support maximum propeller: 5 inch
Support motor: 22XX or larger size

1x Vector 5 Inch Frame
1x Hardware set