RC LiPo Battery 0V Killer Lithium Battery Discharger for XT60 and XT30 Plug Battery [09-602]

The 0V lithium battery discharger is specially designed to completely disintegrate the discharge capacity of lithium battery such as airplane model car model. After the battery is no longer in normal use, the battery still has voltage , which is disposed randomly at risk of explosion and combustion and pollution to the environment. Staying at home is even more dangerous.

When the lithium battery needs to be completely scrapped, just plug the 0V lipo killer into the main plug, and the discharge device will slowly discharge until the battery is completely set to 0V voltage. Suitable for use of the xt60 plug and the xt30 plug battery.

Product size: 26x16x18mm
Weight: 7.8g
Packing size: 6x9x1cm
Packing weight: 11g

1x RC LiPo Battery 0V Killer Lithium Battery Discharger(XT60 / XT30 Plug Battery)