F7 NXT NANO Flight Controller Betaflight OSD 5V BEC 3A 32K 20x20mm [08-389]

Flight control acceleration response of F7 with ICM20608 32K is faster; BEC with 5V/3A and OSD are integrated. This version is 6DOF, no barometer and electronic compass. Support 32K function.
Input voltage 2S-6S, with BEC-5V output 3A current.
Supports mainstream receivers such as PM, SBUS, DSM2/DSMX, IBUS and so on.
There are LED_STRIP interface and active buzzer interface.
LC filter, camera and graphics power supply voltage can choose 5V and battery voltage, default is 5V output.
Support DSHOT electric regulation.
Reserve four UART ports: UART1, UART2, UART4, UART6
Betaflight online parameter tuning.
The weight of the board is only 3.5 grams, the size is only 27*27MM, and the fixed hole spacing is 20MM (M2.5 hole position).
Specially tailored for four-axis model, built-in LC filter, supporting BF firmware;
Using STM32F722 MCU, ICM-20608 sensor SPI interface connection, faster operation speed;
Supporting 2-6S power input;
Built-in 5V 3A output BEC;
Support market mainstream receivers such as SBUS/PPM/DSMX;
Buzzer/Programming LED/Voltage Monitoring/BLHELI Tuning Programming;

Receiver configuration:
SBUS, DSM, IBUS, when receiving input, please configure RX1 as input interface.
When PPM is input, RX1 pad is also welded.

Sensors: ICM-20608 triaxial accelerometer/triaxial gyroscope (SPI connection)
Power supply: 2-6S battery input
BEC: Built-in 5V/3A
Receiver: Support Sbus or serial RX interface, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, IBUS, etc.
Support 3.3V Spektrum Satellite Receiver
Supporting PPM Receiver
Buzzer interface
Support for programmable LED_Strip
Supporting BLheli suite Electric Tuning Programming
Built-in voltage detection and alarm
Built-in OSD function, BF online parameter adjustment
Outward Size: 27*27MM, Screw Hole Spacing 20*20MM, M2.5
Weight 3.5 grams

1x F7 NXT NANO Flight Control
1x 6P*1.0MM Double Head Line