iFlight iH4 frame is a latest FPV aerial filming frame based on iH3. It redefines aerial filming by combining FPV racing and aerial filming.
It features front & back twin-towers structure, which completely solve the problem of 'High Tower'.
2mm thickness vertical side plates can protect the camera from damage even it's camera front protraction design.
It ensures there won't be propellers in view when using MINI HD recording camera.
There's a large space on the top plate for you to choose different types of battery.
Runcam Split mini 2 can be mounted on this frame which makes FPV and recording camera 2 in 1. No extra Gopro, SQ11 or Hawkeye Firefly micro action cam needed which can reduce the drone weight effectively. It can also be equipped with the latest-released iFlight SucceX F4 mini tower. Can't wait to see its unparalleled flight performance!

* Front & back twin-towers structure
* Vertical side plates camera protection
* No propellers in view when HD recording
* Large room on the top plate for different battery choices
* 9 mm - 12 mm motor pattern, compatible with 11XX-15XX motors

- Wheelbase: 173.62mm
- Frame weight: 54.4g
- Bottom plate thickness: 4mm
- Top plate thickness: 2mm
- Vertical side plates thickness: 2mm
- Vertical side plates width: 19mm
- Standoffs mounting distance: 22mm
- Flight control mounting holes size: 16*16mm; 20*20mm
- Supported Motor:11XX/13XX/14XX/15XX
- Supported propeller: Max 4 inch

1x iFlight iH4 4 inch FPV Frame