BeeStorm F4 micro Flight Controller + Futaba SFHSS receiver+OSD [HJ]

BeeStorm F4 is a highly integrated brushed flight control board, it includes 4 brushed ESCs, a flight control, a OSD and a compatible receiver.

1) STM32F411CEU6 main control:
2) MPU6500 sensor (SPI way);
3) Integrated OSD (BetaFlight OSD);
4) compatible receivers: SFHSS
5) Those supports Telem function: A1-> DSMX/2;B3-> FrSky-D16;C2→AFHDS-2A
6) Supports RSSI output (SBUS and F PORT output signal is on 14CH)
7) Onboard 5V/500mA DCDC boost circuit;
8) Onboard 4 brushed ESCS (Supports up to 3A);
9) Onboard BOOT switch;

Binding operation:
long press (2 seconds) the binding button on the powered board, the FC will enter binding mode.

Note: Fast flashing red LED indicates binding mode, solid bright red LED means binding succeed and done, the receiver is getting stable signal.

1x Bee Storm F4 flight controller (Futaba SFHSS receiver+OSD, Firmware NOX)


    2P 1.25 JST