Hawkeye Little Pilot 3 III 5 Inch 5.8G 40CH Duel Receivers All-in-One FPV Monitor Display [08-351]

Hawkeye Little Pilot the 3rd generation, 5 inch FPV display, a highlight display developed for aerial photography system, compatible with 5.8G transmitter transmission signal.
The brightness is up to 700lux, internal integrated dual receiving system, video without any delay, no will be blue screen or black screen.
It automatically searches the transmitter signal, no need to dial frequency setting, convenient.
Built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery, with full power it can work continuously for more than 3 hours

Resolution: 800*480
LED display
Backlight brightness: 700 cd/m2
Display ratio: 16:9
Colour formats: PAL/NTSC
Built-in battery working hour: 2.5-3h
Input signal: video PAL/NTSC
Output signal: video PAL/NTSC
Monitor size: 128.5mm*83.5mm*16.8mm
Monitor weight: 220g
Sensitivity: -94db

1x Hawkeye Little Pilot3