XR401-S receiver Futaba SFHSS for drones airplanes SBUS FPort [HJ]

1) 受信機に電源を入れます。
2) 15秒後にバインディングモードに入ります。(ゆっくり点滅するLEDが速く点滅します)
3) プロポとバインドします。(ご使用のプロポのマニュアルに従って)
4) バインド完了(赤色のLEDが点灯)


Variable RF Link technology:
Variable RF Link technology: When the receiver is too close to radio(remote control), normally RF signal will be blocked and meanwhile lose control happens, Variable RF Link is born for solving the problem! As soon as Variable RF Link finds that the receiver is coming close to radio, it will adjust LNA gain and PA output power lower to avoid short distance control failure automatically; When Variable RF Link detects that the receiver is going far away from radio, it will adjust LNA gain and PA output power higher to increase RX’s working range automatically.


Model: CR230
Shipping Weight: 10g

1x XR401-S receiver Futaba SFHSS