Tiger Motor (T-Motor) F40 Pro III 2400KV 3-4S CW thread brushless motor [07-748]

T motor F40 Pro III 2400KV 2600KV 3-4S CW thread brushless motor RC drone FPV Racing

Brand Name: T- motor
Product Name: F40 Pro III
KV 2400KV
Motor size 27.9 x 33mm 27.9 x 33mm
lead 20#AWG 150 mm 20#AWG 150 mm
The diameter of the shaft 4mm 4mm
Idle current (10V) 1.7A 2A
The maximum power (60 seconds) 600W 749W
Internal resistance 42mO 36mO
Configuration 12N14P 12N14P
Rated voltage (lipo) 3-4S 3-4S
weight 33g 33.5g

1× F40 Pro III brushless motor