TBS Tiny Leds RealPit VTX Power Switch [TBS-085]

Plug in your VTx at any time with 0 power start-up
(Not Available with FlightOne at current time)
Turn off your VTx on the line to avoid heat buildup
Fast Team Race Pit stops (Sub second transitions possible)
Compatible with all major VTxs
Turn off VTx during races to test hover builds without interfering with other pilots in the air.
Turn off VTx after Crash for clean video for other racers.
Solo Endurance Races, 3 quads ready on the line. Practice for more than 1 pack without taking off goggles. (Instructions on how to setup on OpenTX / Spektrum Coming soon)
LED Indicator light on board. (Light On Power On)
Can be used on any pad on Flight Controller.
Does not need a full UART.
I.E.: SmartAudio/Tramp on TX and RX for RealPit PinIO
Up to 4 RealPits per quad. This opens the possibility for LEDs, and VTX, and any other device you can imagine.
Toggle LED Power or any other devices under 1 amp draw.

Currently Supported Software
Betaflight (PinIO 3.3.x or Greater)
Butterflight (PinIO)
FlightOne 1.2.x + (VTXPRWTOGGLE)

Operating Voltage: 5V - 28V (HV-6s) 1Amp Switch
Dimensions: 10 x 12.5 x 2.5 mm
Weight: 0.5 Grams w/ Heatshrink

1x Realpit
1x 1/2" Heat shrink piece