TurboBee 77R Micro FPV Race Whoop BNF (Futaba)[IF-]

TurboBee 77R Micro FPV Race Whoop:
- Frame Wheelbase: 77mm
- Bottom plate thickness: 1.5mm
- Top board thickness: 1mm
- Flight control pitch: 16x16mm 20x20mm
- Fpv cam spacing: 19mm
- Top and bottom plate spacing: 22mm (aluminum column height
- Build Weight: 55g
- SucceX Micro 16x16 Tower
- iFlight 1103 motors (1.5mm shaft)
- Caddx.us Turbo Eos2 Camera
- Gemfan 1635 40mm 3 blades 1.5mm shaft propeller
- iFlight Prop Guards 40mm

SucceX Mirco F4 Flight Tower System 16x16mm

SucceX F4 Flight Controller
-Gyro: MPU6000
-2x UART ports
-4x motor outputs
-OSD inbuilt
-No Blackbox FLASH
-BEC 5V 2A Cont.
-Size: 21mm*21mm
-Mounting holes: 16*16
-Weight: 2.5g
-BF target: MATEKF411

SucceX Mirco 12A Brushless ESC
-Firmware: BlheliS
-Input voltage : 2-4S LIPO
-Continuous current: 12A
-MCU: BB21F16G
-BEC: None
-ESC protocol: PWM, oneshot125, multishot, dshot150, 300, 600, etc.
-Size: 23mm*21mm
-Mounting hole 16*16mm
-Weight: 2.7g

SucceX Mirco VTX-Power: PIT/25/100/200mW
-Antenna interface: IPEX (UFL)
-Telemetry: IRC Tramp
-Size: 17mm*27mm
-Mounting holes: 16*16mm
-Weight: 1.6g

VTX control implementation:
-VTX can be conveniently set up in your OSD.

1x TurboBee 77R FPV Whoop (2-3S)
1x AC2000 SFHSS+D16(機体装着)

バッテリー(別売り: 2-3s 450mAh)

こちらの受信機は、FUTABA S-FHSSとFRSKY D16を切り替えることによって両方のシステムをご使用頂けます。

2. バインドボタンを爪楊枝などを使って長押しする(5〜10秒くらい)。長押ししている間一瞬ライトが光り、その後点灯すれば切り替え成功です。