HGLRC Veyron 3 Cinewhoop Frame Kit [MA-0558]

HGLRC Veyron 3 Cinewhoop Frame Kit

Safety always comes first.
Are you still worried that there is no way to fly around the crowd?
Are you still worried that the flight time is not long enough?
If you want to get 4K image with a GOPRO camera and an HD digital video transmitter, Veyron will be your best choice.
With new bumper method, EVA pipe and 136mm wheelbase, Veyron will become the safest and lightest flying helper.
The new Veyron will come with a lower angle (10 degree) GoPro Mount.

1.The battery can be placed vertically and horizontally to better adjust the center of gravity.
2.Strong protection with EVA protective cover.
3.186 ° duct design, firm structure and light weight.
4.One-piece top plate and bottom plate.
5.Work well with HD digital video transmitters and GOPRO cameras.
6.Perfectly compatible with mini and light ZEUS35 AIO flight controller.

Type:3 Inch Cinewhoop Frame
Material:3K Carbon Fiber
Bottom Plate:2mm
Standoff Height:25mm
Flight Control Installation Holes:16X16/20X20mm
Support Camera:19X19/20*20 mm
Weight:110.1g(Gopro Mount excluded)

1x 1.5mm Top Plate
1x 2.0mm Bottom Plate
6x M2*25mm Blue Aluminum Column
8x M2*20mm Blue Aluminum Column
4x Round head screw M2*4
14x Round head screw M2*7
18x Round head screw M2*9
5x Round head screw M2*25
5x Damping rubber column M2X6
5x M2 black nut
2x EVA Pipeline
2x Battery cable tie
1x Battery Anti-slip tape
2x TPU Camera Side Plate Soft Mount
1x TPU Antenna Holder for DJI Antenna
1x TPU Gopro Camera Mount
1x TPU TBS RX Antenna Mount
8x TPU Landing Gear Mount
3x Antenna Protection Tube

おススメパーツ: (別売り )
Flight Controller:ZEUS35/F4/F7 FC
Camera:19x19/20x20mm size
Propeller:3 Inch
Battery: 4S(800mAh ~ 1500mAh)
6S(600mAh ~ 1300mAh)