TBS Fusion Video Receiver Module with OSD Overlay [TBS-110]

TBS Fusion
Compatibility: Fatshark Dominator V1, V2, V3, HD1, HD2, HD3, HDO
External Power Kit: Included. Required for older goggles that can't deliver enough power, or for connectivity
RF Sensitivity: -96dBm
Power: 5V @ 340mA, 500mAh with connectivity enabled
Fatshark Attitude compatibility: will require trimming of goggle plastic case to fit
Upgrade with: TBS Agent X V2.0.21 or higher
Collaboration with: BrainFPV (video fusion), AchillesFPV (UI), TBS (hardware)

1x TBS Fusion Module
1x Cover and Button (Black)
1x Power Mod PCB
2x Power Mod Ribbon Cable
1x 90d SMA Adapter

TBS Fusion by TBS