X-Knight Carbon Fiber 5'' Frame V2 Kit [BF-00313682]

X-Knight Carbon Fiber 5'' V2 Frame Kit is with the motor mounting hole 12×12 for M2, which can fit for the brushless motors like 1606/1805. It adopts T800 carbon material becomes ultimate durability while maintaining minimal weight. What's more, It is compatible with F4 AIO 35A toothpick FC and 1606, 1805 series 4-6S brushless motors.

We offer replacement of arm and M2 Clamping Nuts for your needs.

Bullet point
X-Knight 5’’ V2 frame is a lightweight 5inch assembled toothpick carbon fiber frame kit, which is perfect for the X-knight 5inch quadcopter. Comes with titanium alloy screws, weights only 26.44g/pc.
X-Knight 5inch V2 toothpick carbon fiber frame consists of 4 arms, top plate and bottom plate. Product top plate with compression nuts for easy installation. Lightweight, super-stiff, but power and strong enough.
It is compatible with F4 AIO 35A toothpick FC and 1606, 1805 series 4-6S brushless motors.
X-Knight 5’’ V2 frame kit is made of T800 carbon fiber material with 200mm wheelbase, the thickness of the solid removable arm is 3.5mm, guaranteeing the flight power of Quadcopter.
Adopted the spraying process with an insulating effect on frame surface, effectively reducing the possibility of component damage caused by electric current.

Material: T800 Carbon Fiber
Wheelbase: 200mm
Weight: 26.44g
Frame Height: 8mm
Top plate thickness: 1.5mm
Bottom plate thickness: 1.5mm
Arm thickness: 3.5mm
Battery protected plate thickness: 1.5mm
Motor mounting hole: 12 x 12
FC mounting hole: 26.5mm x 26.5mm

1x Top Plate
1x Bottom Plate
4x Arms
1x Battery Protected Plate
8x M2×8 Countersunk Screws
4x M2×10 Screws
8x M2 Nuts
8x M2*1.85 Nuts
1x Battery Strap
2x Anti-slip Battery Mats
2x 3mm Anti-impact Battery Mats
2x 5mm Anti-impact Battery Mats